Three to Read


“One Foot in Front of the Other: How a Daily Walk Helps Us Cope” The New York Times

The New York Times asked readers to speak about their daily walks, and had their photographers translate the stories into images. People from New York to California explained the beauty in their surroundings even with the current times. The photographs help to highlight this beauty around us if we take a walk around our own neighborhoods.

“Flattening the Truth on Coronavirus” By Dave Eggers, The New York Times

This opinion piece is an interesting take on all of the questions about the pandemic we have been hearing for weeks. It is formatted as a conversation, and is very relatable. While it is nice to hear good news, this piece is more serious and deals with the hard answers we will come to face soon.

“Communities around the world honor healthcare and essential workers amid pandemic” USA Today

This photo series shows people all over the world coming together to celebrate the selfless work of our healthcare and essential workers. Pictures include many thank yous, and even flyovers from the U.S. Navy Blue Angels and the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds.