Baroness Von Sketch Takes the Stage: A Review

Comedy sketch shows have been popular for decades, from Saturday Night Live to Monty Python’s Flying Circus, and many more in between. In the last couple years, however, a new show has surfaced in Canada that’s somehow flown under the radar in the United States: Baroness Von Sketch. From creators and comedy stars Carolyn Taylor, Meredith MacNeill, Aurora Browne and Jennifer Whalen, comes an all-female comedy show covering a large variety of topics ranging from politics, workplace struggles, fashion mishaps, and more. Though it began airing on CBC in 2016, it only recently began gaining traction in the States.

From topical sketches covering the seemingly endless amount of sex-offenders in Hollywood to purely comical sketches about eagles stealing babies, this show is able to flawlessly stay relevant and amusing while also being shockingly accurate and true to many modern issues. The series is especially a breath of fresh air to many women finally getting to see a show they can relate to with sketches based on their struggles in a traditionally male-dominated genre.

Though it may not always be the most family friendly series, featuring a slew of swearing and many adult themes, it’s still a greatly enjoyable show to watch for many occasions. From hanging out with friends to sitting alone in your living room and just trying to pass some time, you can always know that you’ll have a good laugh, or at least a good chuckle, when watching the hijinks these women get themselves into in each and every episode.