Finding the Balance


Unbearable, stressful and unbalanced are three of the most common words used to describe Wednesdays, the asynchronous day, at CHS. Staff and students feel overwhelmed with assignments and for most, Wednesdays are dreaded more than the Sunday scaries. 

Matt Johnson, a literature teacher and forum leader at CHS, struggles with the Wednesday schedule. 

“As teachers, we often make the mistake of forgetting that our class is not the only one that exists, and I have been guilty of this many times,” Johnson said. “Learning to find a balance in the workload of Wednesdays is hard, and something that us teachers are striving to work towards finding.” 

Ria Lowenschuss, CHS sophomore, is working to find that balance as well. 

“I had a big math project due, and I remember sitting at my desk with tears rolling down my face, just thinking to myself, ‘How am I going to do this?’” Lowenschuss said. “One of my biggest problems is I always need to be perfect. It is hard for me to take a break. Taking time for myself is something that I have always struggled with, but I want to focus on being happy and satisfied with my work, and part of that is taking time away from my screen, and focusing on things other than schoolwork 24/7.” 

Brett Kilgore, a math teacher and forum leader at CHS, has a special take on Wednesdays.  

“When we are [on] Zoom on regular days, I can answer questions and engage with students,” Kilgore said. “That right there is why teachers become teachers because we enjoy and cherish that time with students so much. At the end of the day, sorting out this whole online school process is not easy, and Wednesdays definitely do add to the stress of it all.” 

The Wednesday workload has added another layer of stress for students and staff at CHS. Teachers and administration are working tirelessly to help students and each other find a balance between life and the workload. Between opening up office hours to assist students on their day off and deciding to pause certain parts of the curriculum on Wednesdays, teachers are working to find that balance.