Felicity Rosa-Davies


“I think given the circumstances, I’m feeling okay about school. There are some ups and downs every once in a while, but as a general statement, I think it’s okay. My favorite class is definitely Open Studio with Beth. I love the prompts that she gives us for the art that we do. I’ve been getting a lot more into photography, and different kinds of art, which is really exciting. I have a couple of acquaintances, but mostly, it’s just me working. I try to have my camera on whenever I’m feeling comfortable enough because I want her (Beth) happy to see my face. Before the election, I really didn’t think that we had any chance of going back. I thought that there was almost no chance, I thought that we’d be lucky to go back my senior year second semester. But now that Biden’s been elected, I’m feeling a lot more hopeful. I feel like there’s a chance.”