Unselfie: Hannah Bernstein


1) I am separated from my team, but there is still a feeling of normalcy. Adrenaline, satisfaction, energy and pure happiness. I missed this feeling throughout quarantine. I question how we are still allowed into the schools to play. Why can’t I go to school for class? But I continue the simple task of taking off my shoes, ankle braces and knee pads. Sweat is dripping into my eyes. My body is filled with pain and strength. I remember to be grateful for this opportunity to compete everyday. 2)The protection is thick: high top shoes, hard plastic ankle braces, and tape. There are also two socks to add comfort. This experience is all new to me. As a volleyball player, I had never experienced an injury from net play, but last year a girl came under the net and I tore the ligament on the side of my ankle. I am finally playing volleyball again after a year. Before practice, I make sure everything is secure. After practice, I remove all the layers. My ankle is still weak and will never be the same. Now, I walk away from the gym with a shooting pain in my ankle.