“Throwaway Girls” Book Review


“Throwaway Girls” by Andrea Contos will make you want to jump into the book and help with all hands on deck. Her discerning vocabulary and passion for words shine bright as you endure the crazy narrative.  Contos uses different writing techniques to pull you through the story of Caroline Lawson and the disappearance of her best friend Madison.

Caroline, who is only three months away from graduating high school, is broken into a million pieces when her best friend Madison disappears. When she investigates further, Caroline starts to realize that Madison is not the only girl that has gone missing. She starts to question Mr. McCormack, a teacher from the prestigious private high school that Caroline attends after a second phone was found in his house that had some of his female students’ contacts in it. As the story progresses, Caroline starts to question all the possible people that could have something to do with the disappearance of Madison and the other missing girls. 

We are taken on a rollercoaster of emotions as Contos sets her scene. The story is set in Maryland and the places are almost palpable. Caroline spends time around this mysterious town, going from places like the Wayside Bar to apartments of complete strangers to bring her dear friend home. 

Contos pulls you in deep through the different facets of her characters. She consistently makes you question who you are really cheering for. Unexpected turns are frequent, but Contos reminds us that when we enter uncharted territory our gut feeling is never wrong. 

Caroline believes that she is the only one that is going to solve one of the most impossible tasks that we as humans face: the disappearance of someone that we love. This story takes on most of the human emotions through a crazy plot. As Caroline descends into the mysterious case, she starts to realize that more people are tied to this than just the ultimate culprit. 

 As a reader, we experience those emotions right along with Caroline. I found myself smiling at the words and also shaking the book at times because I was so nervous. This story reminds us to always fight for what is right, and it reminded me of how much I have to be thankful for, like a safe home and the gift of growing up in a very safe town.

“Throwaway Girls” is a page-turner that will keep you wondering and cheering until you reach the culmination of this crazy, mysterious story.