Brooke Rafko


“I have generalized anxiety, so I have a lot of irrational fears. But the biggest one that’s impacting me right now is driving. Driving is kind of dangerous, but it’s irrational in the way that it [her anxiety] is so intense. I had a huge panic attack and that put a stop around the whole driving thing for a long time,” Brooke Rafko said. “When I start driving I get really overwhelmed by all of the information you have to process at once, that’s always been a big part of my anxiety–being overstimulated. Driving is similar in that way, the stakes are so high. They [Drivers Ed] give you all these super scary videos of the worst scenarios, they’re trying to terrorize students into being careful, but that doesn’t really pair well with someone exposed to so much anxiety. It was kind of the perfect disaster. Around the same time my brother’s mom passed away in a motorcycle accident, so everything tumbled together in the perfect storm.”