Amalia Chappell-Lakin


“My grandparents have a cabin in northern Michigan on Lake Huron. It’s on a closed-off bay, so the water doesn’t get super choppy. There are waves, obviously, but it’s more secluded, so [the water] is really good for swimming. My grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles and I will go on the pontoon boat. There is a small boat ride over to the nearest town. We’ll put the anchor down and spend hours out there. We’ll bring floaties, snacks, and just have a really great time. The town has three different streets. On one, there is a boat-fixing store but they also have this ice cream and fudge shop. The ice cream there is amazing. We’ll go to the ice cream place and get ice cream and eat it on the boat, all cuddled up with each other, having great conversations.”