Ryan Thomas- Palmer

“I’m taking a CR with my best friend Rosie. And it’s an art CR. We’re planning to do a piece together, which combines watercolor in her cartoonish style and realism and charcoal, which is my part. We’ve been friends for 10 years. We actually just had our anniversary in February. We used to draw together a lot but we haven’t since elementary school. So, before we graduate, we want to do a piece together that combines both our styles. It’s going to be called ‘The Glow Twins,’ because we’d write books when we were little. [It’s] the only book that we have vivid memories of. So we’re making a cover for it. In elementary school, we always had art class together. I feel like the teachers did that on purpose. Then after elementary school, we never had another class together again, other than art. I always just remember walking home from school with Rosie, because we live three minutes away. We would walk home and talk about what our next book would be. Now, we’re still both artists. But I use charcoal, and I do realistic, creepy pictures. She does really vibrant, watercolor pieces that have her own style. It reflects who I am, because I’m a pretty realistic person. I would also probably say pessimistic. I’m bringing in social justice issues that I care about, too. I just put a lot of my views and myself out there. We actually have a sketch, and everything laid out. In the piece, it’s the two girls with a glow and the bedroom. We’re putting in a bunch of stuff that we had in our childhood. The outside is the darker part because it’s going to be at night, so it’ll be charcoal in my style and it’ll have creepy things coming out. Then in the glow part, it’s going to be our styles combined with a watercolor base and charcoal detailing.Then the two girls themselves will be in [Rosie’s] style.”