Ali O’Brien

“Right now for Skyline I’m playing girls’ golf. It’s a lifelong sport. It gives you a chance to be out of the house, be around people, and keep your mind busy. When I feel stressed, it keeps me focused on something else. Being able to stay mentally calm and composed is a great skill to have. I love being with people and I love just seeing people and asking about their day, also just being outside instead of in school all the time. Golf is definitely a mental sport. It builds your character and it’s a super fun sport to play because it’s easy to learn but impossible to master, but it gives you a challenge. You gotta be tough when you’re playing it. Sometimes it can be mentally draining, but you just gotta push through the bad shots and keep focusing on what you’re doing next. Being able to take negative energy such as stress and turn it into positive energy and put that into the game of golf is fun.”