Oliver Thomas

“This weekend I am going to see my sister, who goes to Michigan State University. It feels weird not having her here, living with me. We were kind of close before she moved, but we did argue a lot while we were living together. Especially during quarantine, I was in the house with my sister all the time. So it was very easy to get into arguments and fights. Now that she’s out of the house and in college, our relationship has gotten stronger and more friendly. It’s a strange switch, but I sort of knew it would happen. The same thing happened with my cousins. They would bicker constantly like siblings do, but when they stopped living together they formed a really strong connection. Obviously I miss her because she’s not here, but I think the main reason that I miss her is because my parents do. I’ll find myself setting the table for dinner and accidentally putting four forks down instead of three. I guess you could say I miss the little things most.”