Grey Phillips


“The happiest moment of my life was, I was at Kalahari, with a few of my pals and we snuck out, we went outside. And then we were out in this field right next to Kalahari, it was really dark and it was like sharp grass, it was kind of cutting our legs. And then, I was in my shoes and my friends were in shoes except for my friend Nelson who was not in shoes. And we went up to like the edge of the woods, and we look in there, and then me and my friend Ben decided that we would yell that we saw a wolf. And so we said, “Wolf, Wolf, run, run, run.” And so we started sprinting but since Nelson was in Crocs or something, he was sprinting but his crocs fell off and he said, “ I don’t care. I don’t need them anyways.” And so we ran all the way back to the hotel and then we finally told them there was no wolf. And so he had to walk through mud to get to his crocs. And then we went back inside and got yelled at by a person who worked there, because we shouldn’t have been in the hallways that late. I felt like that was one of the happiest moments of my life because I was so carefree and had no worries at that point. And I could really just focus on the moment and what it was giving me.”