“Crier’s War” Review


In a world divided between the Made — man-made superhumans — and Humans, “Crier’s War” by Nina Varela describes a dystopian world, far more advanced than today’s.

In the past, there was a queen who was infertile. Since she yearned for a kid badly, she had someone make her one. This child was similar to a human, but it was stronger. The making of Automae grew and they soon overpowered the humans. Now humans are the servants and the Made are superior, holding all spots of power.

Ayla – a human – works as a servant in the Sovereign’s castle, but before she was a servant, she had a family. They were killed by the Sovereign, leaving Ayla orphaned and alone.

The only thing that keeps Ayla going is revenge. For killing off the most important thing she had, she plans to kill the most important thing to the Sovereign — Crier, the king’s daughter.

One day while working, Ayla sees Crier hanging off the edge of a cliff after she accidentally falls. Ayla could easily achieve all her goals and let Crier fall, but she decides to help her. Crier takes Ayla as her handmaiden after they share this unexpected moment.

As Crier and Ayla spend each day together, they begin to grow a love for each other that no servant can feel for a princess.They tell each other secrets and they both grow concerned about Crier’s fiancé who she is being forced to marry. With his rise in power, his intentions have become clear.

“Crier’s War” gives a platform for a women-loving-women relationship in a book.

I enjoyed this book because it involves royalty, castles and romance. It also speaks on the facts of equality. While the story is told from these two different perspectives, you get to see views change and sympathy form.

When I finished this book, I immediately went online and bought the second book, “Iron Heart”.

If you like to read about split societies, royalty or romance, I recommend this book. This book gave me the ability to feel like a princess and a warrior from the comfort of my own bed.