“It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” Review


The first season of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” came out August 4, 2005 and it still runs today. In this comedic show, you follow five terrible people who own a bar, but rarely work or do anything in it at all besides making fun of people to boost their egos.
This show revolves around Charlie, Dee, Max, Frank and Dennis, who are trying to make a living in Philadelphia by any legal or illegal means necessary. The creator, Rob McElhenney, created these narcissistic characters to address real world issues such as abortion laws, sexism, rasim and more. Although these issues are serious, the show finds ways to make fun of them and lighten the mood around the subject as a whole, which is something that not all shows can do.
This show also does a great job of giving the characters distinct personalities that become their labels and influence their actions throughout the series. There are five main characters in the series, but the most interesting of the five is Dennis. Dennis is a hard one to figure out because he appears to be a sociopath who is not so mentally sane, but at the same time is sane. This character is the most interesting person in this show because the viewer doesn’t really know what he’ll do or what he’ll become in the future. All we know is that Dennis is a complex mystery that no one really gets at all. So, if you’re thinking about trying to figure out the mystery of Dennis, good luck.
“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” has also evolved over the years from 2005 to now. The characters started off making jokes using racial slurs and derogatory terms, but as the show aged, they started to use less of them and started to focus on what’s funny now. Although the characters’ jokes may be offensive today, it is still fun to watch them fail and bring people down with their latest schemes. At the beginning of every episode you start to wonder what will the gang do next?
If you’re looking for a comedy that will have you laughing for hours, then “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” is a must have on your watch list. Using these characters to portray real world beliefs and problems while still making fun of them is what makes this show a unique experience to watch and enjoy. So, will you join the gang in Philadelphia?