CHS Thoughts on the Olympics


Anthony Wang

Nadya Matish

As a new winter Olympics event takes place in Beijing, there is a discussion around Community High School about students’ and staff preference for summer versus winter Olympics.
Christine Sipoirier, the book and attendance secretary for CHS, prefers the winter Olympics for the ice skating competitions.
“Well, I’m always very excited for them [the Olympics],” Sipoirier said. “I prefer them (Winter Olympics) to the Summer Olympics. I especially like to watch triathlons and love to watch the ice dancing and the couple’s ones.”
Nadya Matish, a junior, thinks that winter sports is a whole new experience.
“(Winter Olympics) have skiing and ice skating which I think is pretty fun,” Matish said. “The sport seems more dance-oriented.”
According to Jonah Lee, a junior, snowboarding is the best part of the Olympics
“I will say winter [because of] snowboarding,” Lee said. “Snowboarding is fun.”