Favorite Places in A2: Lauren MacNeil

Lauren MacNeils favorite place in Ann Arbor is her parking spot for school.

“Parking is such a struggle for everyone who goes here and a lot of people just don’t get to park,” MacNeil said. “I’m really grateful that I get to park so close to Community.”

MacNeil enjoys how secluded her parking spot is. There’s never much going on. She likes the short walk to her car after school, where she cuts through another parking lot, though she’s not entirely sure if she is allowed to.

MacNeil does have one particularly special memory with her parking spot.

“I used to park in a spot that I thought was my spot, but it turned out it wasn’t actually and I almost got my car towed,” MacNeil said. “I got there right as the tow truck was coming in.”

MacNeil treasures her parking spot and is thankful that she was finally able to find it.