Illusions of the Seasons

In that humid August heat that turns your face pink it seems as though I can think of nothing but the sweet relief of that crisp October breeze that creeps its way through the worn cable knit sweater with holes torn in the cuffs.

As the seasons change, I’m reminded of the beauty in each one. It’s disappointing how that beauty seems to become lost as the months drag on. The colored leaves eventually all turn brown and sink to the ground, the pure white snow soon turns wet with runoff from the road and the soft light of the sun in time becomes a painful burn.

Why is it that we seem to lose the season we’re in for daydreams of another?

Why is it that the excitement of something new eventually goes away and becomes nothing but ordinary?

The changing of the seasons is a time that should be seen as an opportunity for growth. We get stuck in the rut of weather and we lose the joy of an 80-degree day or the beauty of a blizzard.

With spring on the way the seedlings that have been buried all winter begin to peek through and see the light. The days grow longer, time seems to move faster and before you know it summer is right around the corner.

After nine months of being in school the idea of summer, of almost three months off, has an angelic glow to it. Those seven hours formally spent in a classroom I envision the outdoors, late nights with friends and long days at the beach.

Instead of lingering in the final weeks of the current season, I anticipate the arrival of a new one. I see all the opportunities ahead of me like trying out a new style that fits the weather. I can set new goals for myself and actually try to accomplish them. I could even if I really wanted to finish that painting sitting in my room that mocks me each day.

I choose to view a change in season as a fresh start to make another three months of memories. I choose to rather than live my life judging all experiences on past memories to strive to live to create new memories and see the seasons as an opportunity to do so.