Aaron Puno


“I’ve been writing for the Pioneer Optimist since September and I took a journalism class the year before to prepare. I’ve had a very short career, but I think it’s been very fruitful, a wonderful experience. When it comes to writing, I am sort of the breaking news guy. I’ve been covering school board meetings for the Pioneer Optimist and I do a lot of civics writing. It runs in the family. My grandfather, on my dad’s side, had a column in a local paper and he was eventually elected into the city council of our native Philippines. I got the whole civics issue sort of in my blood. I do prefer to stick to my own thing and write on my own, but I think I depend and I yearn for the aid of other journalists, editors and friends. I couldn’t tell you what I like most about being a journalist, it’s just something I do and it’s something I happen to excel at. At least that’s what I’m told, I try to keep modest. I’m a very self-conscious person, so I like having other people’s input.”