Brian Williams


“I actually started teaching music way back in the day and I was going at that time into school to go on to be an Earth science teacher while I was teaching music. I quickly realized when you work in the music setting, teaching percussion and drums to high school students, it tends to be a little bit more relaxed and open in a kind of a trusting relationship when you’re working music. And oftentimes students would come to me with problems that they’re having outside of what we’re learning about music. So they’re bringing life circumstances, situations happen and trying to get some thoughts or input on how to help their situation. And I found some of that work is really rewarding, working with them, trying to help them figure out things outside of the music world and it was at the same time I was going into my teaching certificate program for science to be an Earth science teacher, which I really enjoy. But I wasn’t confident that I was so passionate that I could be a really great teacher of teaching Earth science. So it’s like how do I figure out how to work with students, high school students, doing work I enjoy. So between some of those relationships during music, and work in the school setting, I discovered counseling, school counseling. [It] seemed like a good fit. So I did some research and it seemed like, ‘hey, this is what I want to do.’ ”