“Schitt’s Creek” Review


A 2015 comedy series, Schitt’s Creek is the story about how the disgustingly rich Rose family goes from riches to rags due to their selfish, care-free lifestyle that inevitably leads to tax fraud. They are then sent to a ragged motel that the father had bought for his son as a joke. The Roses are now forced to live in a dirty motel and have to create a new life; finding new friends, and hopefully a good way to make some cash.

While watching, I witnessed the characters’ growths while taking the viewers for an emotion filled ride with break ups, make ups, fights, and bonding. The show does an amazing job of making the audience feel like they’re getting closer to the characters themselves.

While watching the show, I couldn’t stop thinking about how immersive it was. For example, there were certain parts during the show where I felt as if I knew what was going to happen next saying, “Oh, this is so predictable.” when in (and like) reality, it takes a complete turn in another direction. Another aspect that made it feel real was that the show doesn’t consist of overused lines such as, “They’re gaining on us!” like you’d see in a typical car chase scene. The script was unique and the actors excelled in portraying their characters; between David’s sarcasm but humorous sense, Alexis’ snarky but careful touch, and Moira’s care-free but cautious style. It really ensures for a great watching experience.

A few parts I loved the most were definitely scenes with Moira or David (the mother and son). In particular, a scene where Moira and David are cooking in Jocelyn Schitt’s kitchen. In this scene Moira gives David the instruction to, “Fold in the cheese,” in which David is clueless as to what that means. It unfolds into an argument between the mother and son which made me laugh because of how well it was played out.

Another compilation of scenes I adore is honestly any scene where David and his sister (Alexis) interact with one another. They’re either always against their mother, fighting, or having a sentimental talk, making it awkward because they remember they’re related and insult each other just for good measure.

In conclusion, I absolutely love this show beyond words. At first, I was a little bit hesitant to watch it, but my family later convinced me, and I don’t regret watching it a single bit. I’m so glad I was able to join the experience of watching a drama filled show with hilarious moments and characters which all fit together perfectly.