“November 9th” Review


This past summer, I never imagined picking up a book. My sister begged me to give “November 9th” a chance because she wished she could read it again for the first time.

If you’ve read romantic fiction, you know Colleen Hoover captivates your attention with her writing in only a few pages.

“November 9th” by Colleen Hoover is a touching, heart-breaking story following the life of Fallon O’Neill. The constant plot twists and dramatic scenes will keep you on your toes, wondering what could possibly happen next.

Fallon was forgotten about in a house-fire, believed to be caused by her father. Her childhood dreams of becoming a star actress turned to dust after burns and scars covered her body. Fallon was followed by whispers and stares from every stranger she passed.

Still, Fallon didn’t give up on her dreams. Regardless of her family’s disapproval, she planned to move across the country to New York City to become an actress.

On her last day in Los Angeles, at a local breakfast shop, she locked eyes with the first person who wasn’t too scared to look away—Ben.

As hours passed, Fallon ended up spending her last day in L.A. with Ben. Although they were practically strangers, neither of them wanted to say goodbye. So they made a plan: they would meet one year later at the exact same breakfast place, the anniversary of the fire—November 9th.

This story had me laughing, sobbing, blind-sided and everything in between. The love standard this book provides is gut-wrenching, yet beautiful.

If you enjoy romance novels, this book is for you. The author’s writing is powerful from the first page and stays consistent throughout.

The story of Fallon is just a book away.