“Ugly Love” Review


Written by a recently trending author, Colleen Hoover, “Ugly Love” is a love story you want to read. The New York Times Bestselling author is known for her beautifully written and heart-wrenching romance novels—“Ugly Love” is no exception.

Once you read one of Hoover’s novels, it’s hard to not want to read them all. In my opinion, “Ugly Love” is up there with her most well-known novel, “It Ends With Us.” It’s not only a page-turner, it’s the kind of book you think about every time you put it down. The storyline doesn’t resemble the typical linear romance novel; Hoover does an amazing job of keeping you on your toes and giving you what you least expect.

“Ugly Love” focuses on two people who fall in love despite their pasts pushing them apart. Their love story truly is ugly. Neither of them are begging to be in each others’ lives, but there is something that draws them together.

Tate Collins’ life is full of zest—Friendship, a new job and an overprotective brother—when she decides to pack up her life and move in with her brother in a new city. She is determined to focus on her career and finish her degree in nursing while savoring the bonding time with her new roommate.

On her very first night, she runs into Miles Archer, who lives in Collins’ new building. Drunk and nearly passed out in the hallway, Archer finds his way to the couch of Collins’ new apartment. Their first impression of each other was anything but love at first sight. Her opinion of him improves the next day when they reintroduce themselves and he helps her unload her bags. The relationship between them isn’t necessarily a friendship, and Collins tries her best to not care about its potential.

To Collins’ confusion, Archer has become less and less vulnerable since the night he spent on her couch. The more closed off he is, the more invested Collins becomes in finding out why.

Within a few days of settling into her new apartment building, Collins makes a new friend named Cap. Collins appreciates Cap’s simplicity and honesty; she finds herself coming to him for advice often. Cap is an unusual character but Hoover makes him work well in congruence with Collins’ love story, which Cap witnesses unfold from many perspectives.

In the most charming way possible, “Ugly Love” proves just how messy love can get.