“Peaky Blinders” Review


The war to end all wars had finally come to a close. Those who are forever imprinted with the trauma and horror can return home, including the men of the Shelby family. However, where others may want to find a peaceful life, the Shelbys must return home to their Birmingham family gang: the Peaky Blinders.

In the years after World War 1, the Shelbys’ second eldest son, Thomas, picks up the reins to the feared, powerful gang and soon begins to see his goals come to fruition: spreading his influence across England and orchestrating an international trade of arms and drugs. However, the road isn’t easy as the Shelby family must meet conflicts, both from within the family and outside forces.

In the six-season run of Peaky Blinders, the Shelby family clashes with the American mafia, members of the British Parliament and even themselves. These conflicts are all told through captivating characters and storylines.

Peaky Blinders features a wide range of characters, from communists to fascists to people who simply want to watch the world burn. Many performances from Peaky Blinders are noteworthy: Cillian Murphy as Thomas Shelby, a morally compromised though good-hearted man who must lead his family; Paul Anderson who portrays Thomas’ older-brother Arthur Shelby, a soldier who suffers from PTSD and must find inner peace; and Sophie Rundle, who plays the over-shadowed youngest sister, Ada Shelby.

Even with its large cast of characters, writers Steven McKnight, Toby Finlay and Stephen Russel keep the personalities and dynamics between characters enthralling to watch. While some characters are patient and like to play the long game, others are sporadic and unpredicable, making meetings between them gripping and tense.

Peaky Blinders tell a fascinating story, and does so through the use of beautiful cinematography and scores. These elements, combined with perfectly executed performances and great writing, elevate Peaky Blinders to an amazing show.

With six seasons and 36 episodes, Peaky Blinders creates a masterful display of television. It finished its final season in May of 2022 and is available on Netflix.