“Nope” Review

While not as obvious as “Get Out” and “Us,” the latest film from director Jordan Peele, “Nope,” explores issues that plague American society. Portrayed through a tense, sci-fi horror, “Nope” analyzes people’s reactions to an unseen force and how tragedy is monetized.
Otis Jr. (OJ) Haywood, the disheartened owner of Haywood Hollywood Horses, operates a ranch that lends horses to movie studios which was inherited from his father. Co-owner of the ranch is Emerald Haywood, OJ’s joyful and outgoing sister.
When a blackout suddenly covers the ranch in darkness, OJ’s horses go wild. While attempting to calm them down, he sees something high above in the clouds, which he believes to be a UFO. Soon after, the siblings see the opportunity to become rich and famous, only if they get the “perfect shot” of the UFO. However, they are against the clock as their neighbor Jupe — an entrepreneur and tourist-trap owner — begins to take notice.
With acclaimed comedian and horror director Jordan Peele at the helm, “Nope” is able to deliver tension and thrills throughout, along with comedy at well-placed spots, much like his previous films. Similarly, “Nope” carries significant social commentary, with thoughtful reflections on how we view tragedy and receive media.
Along with its writing, “Nope” also features some great performances: Daniel Kaluuya portrays OJ, the ranch owner plagued with sorrow who wants to restore his ranch’s former brilliance — hopefully from the riches and fame that he’ll get from the UFO photo. Kaluuya’s somber performance perfectly contrasts Keke Palmer as Emerald, whose extroverted character would rather have just fame and fortune.
Cinematographer Hoyte van Hoytema, with Peele, crafted some beautiful sequences, most taking place in the dead of night. Visual clarity is always kept, however, it isn’t in lieu of “Nope’s” horror. van Hoytema is able to raise “Nope” up to the level of Peele’s previous films, “Get Out” and “Us.”
“Nope” should be on your watchlist this October. With a great cast and performances, as well as thrilling sequences, Jordan Peele’s latest film is overall great and excellent for sci-fi-horror fans.