Picture This: Maddy Hendriksma


“This photo was taken at the end of a kayak trip I did with my friends Savannah (left) and Kate (Back) at this Camping Resort. We had gotten there a day early because it was supposed to storm. When we arrived, we set up the tent and then went to the bar to get some food and escape the rain. At the time, we thought it was just a severe storm and hadn’t realized that It was like an active tornado. We only realized what happened when we saw branches all over the place and our tents absolutely decimated. Looking back at it, it was a little funny, but I was so mad at the time. Branches had pierced a hole in my tent, and there were two inches of water everywhere. We didn’t really know what we were doing. It wasn’t like a big hole or anything, but it was kind of difficult. The hardest part was having to sponge a couple gallons of water out of the tent. We’d all been looking forward to this trip for seven to eight years, and this was the last day of the trip. After waiting so long, the entire trip was extremely fulfilling, and I feel like I grew as a person and stepped out of my comfort zone.”