Game Review of “It Takes Two”


Puzzle pieces are the individual pieces we put together to create a picture. What if instead, the puzzle was to find the pieces to keep a marriage together? We see this unfold in the video game “It Takes Two,” by Hazelight Studios.

The married couple, May and Cody, portrayed in the game, have a daughter named Rose who wants to stop her parents’ divorce. Rose finds the “Book of Love” by Dr. Hakim, which functions as a way to help them love each other again, and does so by coming to life and taking the couple on an adventure. Dr. Hakim makes two wooden dolls Rose has of her parents come to life. Since they’re small, they can go through the whole house while learning to love and work together again.

The house is divided into seven different parts, all consisting of beautiful scenery that’s aesthetically pleasing to the eye. May always have a wall against Cody, but throughout the game, we see why and become sympathetic toward her. Cody was always willing to work together, despite getting into arguments with May in the beginning. We see their relationship develop with each new puzzle they do, becoming more willing to help and appreciate each other.

Offering a compelling love story, puzzles and tasks to challenge the player and well-designed environments throughout, this is a game you definitely don’t want to miss.