Picture This: Zoe Simmons

“This picture was taken at one of my friends and my cooking parties. It’s one of our favorite ways to hang out. We all get together and buy ingredients and make a meal together, and it’s a great way to bond. We alternate who gets to pick the dish that we’re making and in this particular instance, I think we’re making risotto and a salad. This picture was taken right after the salad dressing that someone in this picture had just finished making spilled and I was remaking the salad dressing. Matthew was really upset about that because he thought his salad dressing was better. But it wasn’t. This picture reminds me that you can do something that’s so simple, but the company is what’s enjoyable. I’ll be able to look back at this picture in several years when maybe we aren’t able to hang out all together anymore, and be able to remember this time in my life fondly.”