Nature Areas Around Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor has some of the most beautiful grounds in the state of Michigan. The peaceful Huron River winds through the core of the city, carving its way to the heart of the people. Dense forests surround the water, allowing the town to burst with the greens of the trees. In the fall, the greens fade into reds, oranges and yellows, falling away to create a natural art museum along the city streets.

Just like hiking boots or bike tires make impressions on the trails, the trails make their own impression on the people. The impact nature has on the community is impressive, especially on students at CHS.

“The Arb [is my favorite] because it’s very big and has a couple different kinds of ecosystems within it,” CHS senior Christopher Mendez said. “There’s a lot of different kinds of plants. It’s just nice to go there with friends taking in all the peacefulness.”

162 park properties create the habitat of Ann Arbor. With so many green spaces, the city is practically its own arboretum.

“My favorite nature in Ann Arbor is probably the Huron Hills Golf Course Woods,” said Tate Zeleznik, a senior at CHS. “It’s really beautiful in all seasons, even winter.”

“I really like Barton Pond,” said Izzy Gilb, another CHS senior. “I think it’s really pretty, especially during the sunsets. And during the winter it freezes over and it’s fun to see all the ice on the pond.”

Popular among UofM students and high school students, Barton Pond is usually lively with swimmers and sun-tanners in the summer and sometimes ice skaters in the winter. Another riverside park is Bandemer Park, which offers trails, a disc golf course and a large dock.

“My favorite nature area in Ann Arbor is around Bandemer, not necessarily the docks, though those are cool, but the woods and the paths along the river,” CHS Junior, Sadie Barber said. “It’s really nice to just be able to go somewhere. There’s a lot [of nature areas] close to people’s homes so you can walk and just be peaceful.”

The parks and forests scattered around Ann Arbor create a beautiful environment for its residents. The city wouldn’t be the same without the beauty of the forests, flowers and river. Energy radiates from delicate branches and flows through the slow, powerful current of the water. Nature offers peace in a busy town that can’t catch a break.