“The Boys” Review


In a world influenced by superheroes, such as the Superman-esque Homelander, the world seems right. No villains or supernatural causes threaten to disbalance the world. With a costume dominated by stars and stripes, Homelander valiantly leads “The Seven,” a group of superheroes under the supervision of the conglomerate Vought.

What citizens see is the perfect hero: a brave and selfless man. Homelander fights for peace and justice in the American way. That is what Vought wants people to see. But behind the scenes, Homelander — and a majority of the other heroes — acts vilely without consequence, as he feeds his narrassistic and sadistic ego.

The three seasons of “The Boys” released so far in-part depicts the downfall of Homelander, as his true side is slowly exposed to the public. Homelander is partly launched into a downward spiral by the Boys: a group of regular civilians attempting to expose the Seven and Vought for who they truly are.

“The Boys” takes a new look into the superhero genre with, perhaps, the best take on the “evil Superman” trope. Rather than just focusing on what he is, “The Boys” focuses on why Homelander does the abominable, bizarre things he does, and what makes him a terrifying villain.

With a mix between gritty and outlandish characters — like Billy Butcher, the blood-thirsty leader of The Boys; fish-talking member of The Seven, the Deep; the kind-hearted, well meaning hero, Starlight — “The Boys” illustrates an effective, satirical take on the superhero genre. Many scenes of “The Boys” take on a forthright and critical view of celebrity and corporate culture.

Overall, “The Boys” is a great tv show, even if it may not be for everyone. With great characters and plot, “The Boys” swells into a fascinating and enjoyable look into superheroes. With a fourth season in production, it is expected to release in 2023. All seasons are available on Amazon Prime.