Humans of Community: Micheal Wei


“I watch YouTube videos, watch TV shows, hang out with my friends, and just get [the] most out of having fun. How I have fun hanging out with friends [now]… You just couldn’t do that during lockdown. It’s almost as if I’m getting [back] what I lost. I think it might be because it was so different. Usually if I’m not having fun, then I know what to do to make myself better. [But] it was a pandemic. I didn’t fully understand what to do. So it was something new. It was weird for me. Everything I wanted to do just didn’t have the same impact as when I used to do it. It wasn’t an opt out. [But now], it just feels more like the normal. [Now] you actually get to see people. Like, ‘Oh, you actually have a face!’ It just helps a lot. That’s the way to go.”