Humans of Community: Mathais Takacs


“You’re bringing joy to all these people. You’re playing a part that really isn’t [you]. It’s not you. It’s somebody else, and they’re going through a completely different experience. Often with those experiences you find it’s freeing. Especially with our theater, you can throw your voice all across the hall, through the room and to everybody’s ears. It just makes the scene more powerful and you always feel that power. It doesn’t have to be a main role, it could be a minor but important role. Because you’re a little piece of the story all building up to something great. Just telling this story and talking, singing, having a grand old time and then while the audience is completely in it, it’s the greatest feeling. And, I feel like I’m leading a lecture on storytelling, which I’m not even remotely competent to do, but I really enjoy just providing entertainment for everybody. I like not just the experience, but also to give to people, especially in the 2020s. With everything going on, you really need [that].”