Humans of Community: Sam Magee

“What makes me the happiest is, sure, individual things or materialistic things to an extent but what makes me happiest are my friends and the friendships that I’ve formed. It’s a difference in happiness. It’s interesting how common that is for everyone and how everyone finds such happiness within other people. It’s different from the dopamine rush you get from something interesting happening in a show you’re watching or getting some new clothes, it’s a longer lasting comforting happiness. I used to not have many friends or relationships and I’d say ‘ I don’t’ need friends.’ I can be a loner and I used to be stuck in that. I think I was stuck in that because I didn’t know what I was missing. The friendships that I value the most haven’t even been here for that long. Some have only been for a year or a few months. I really like the relationships I have at Community, I love the people here and I’m having a great time so far.”