Humans of Community: Finn Anderson

“I’m really proud of this one spread that I did in my sketchbook. I spent like a few days working on it and I think it turned out really nice. I guess it’s supposed to be like this character who took a walk in the woods. And I just drew multiple scenes in nature. I really like working in sketchbooks and using watercolor. I don’t really like colored pencils. I just don’t think they look nice with the type of art style I use. And it’s hard to get like a solid color without it looking too vibrant or harsh. I’m kind of like a mix of realism and cartoon. It [his art style] changes pretty frequently. But I’ve been developing it for the past few years. I’ve thought a lot about art school and what kind of degree I would like to take. But I’ve also considered different careers to take and just doing art has free time. I really like animals. So I’ve thought about being a marine biologist or a wildlife photographer. I like working with animals. Sounds really interesting. But I also wouldn’t want to work in a zoo. Because I just don’t really like that idea. I’ve been starting to [bring animals into drawing], I’ve only drawn people for a while. But I’m working on expanding what I draw.”