“A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder” Review


British author Holly Jackson’s New York Times bestseller, “A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder”, is sure to keep readers on the edge of their seat until the very last page.

The book starts off with the reader learning that about five years ago, Andie Bell, a senior at Fairview High School was murdered. Everyone knows it was her boyfriend, Salil Singh, who killed her and then killed himself. The case has been closed and the town of Fairview has moved on. Now, Pippa Fitz-Amobi, a senior at Fairview High, decides to investigate the murder case for her senior capstone project. Though she is warned not to, she wants to know the real truth: did Salil really kill his girlfriend?

To get a different perspective than that of the whole town, she goes directly to the Singh Family house hoping to interview Salil’s brother, Ravi Singh. After some initial awkwardness, Ravi starts to open up to Pippa and fairly quickly, she discovers secrets about the people she’s grown up with in the town she’s grown up in that might prove Salil’s innocence. As she investigates secrets hidden deep into the town’s history, not only does she figure out that the killer might still be around, but she discovers their next target: her.

Things take a sharp turn when Pippa starts to find notes saying things such as “Pippa, stop this before it’s too late” in places like her bedroom. Who could have access to these places so close to her? Is the killer someone she directly knows? These questions surround Pippa as she navigates the world of murder.

What started off as just a school project quickly turns into an investigation consisting of those dearest to Pippa’s heart. Juggling her school, personal, and now detective life, she struggles to find balance.

On top of everything else going on in Pippa’s life, she finds herself growing closer to Ravi, and at times, maybe a little too close. As they seek to prove Salil’s innocence, they start to prove the guilt of others. I would recommend this book to readers who enjoy mystery with a sprinkle of romance. Filled with murder, secrets, and romances, this book will take the reader on a roller coaster of emotions.