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“The Last of Us” Review

Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey), the two main leads of “The Last of Us.”

Even in an apocalyptic world with zombie-like creatures, “The Last of Us” is a story about human connections. The motto in the writer’s room makes perfect sense: “simple story, complex characters.”

The story isn’t anything particularly new, portraying an apocalyptic world and a cure that could potentially restore it. But the excellently-written characters make “The Last of Us” stand out.

Joel is a rough ex-father who has lost everything in the harsh new world and lives as a smuggler in a quarantine zone under the reign of the Federal Disaster Response Agency (FEDRA). After taking a job to sneak Ellie, a teenage girl, out of the quarantine zone for the Fireflies — a group opposed to FEDRA — the two embark on a long journey.

Traveling across a desolate America, the two characters make the series’ strongest point present: human connections. Through broken cities, a harsh winter and encounters with zombie-like creatures, Ellie and Joel grow in an amazingly written story about human connections that stands out within its genres.

“The Last of Us” premiered in January, 2023 on HBO Max. Adapted from the 2013 game of the same name, the series takes many deviations from the game and adapts it perfectly into a series format.

Episodes take the time to build upon characters and areas to further deepen the story. Characters who were only mentioned and scenes that were cut short in the game are given time to let the series dive deeper into its characters.

With Pedro Pascal starring as Joel and Bella Ramsey as Ellie, both actors bring great performances; the pair bring a great daughter-father chemistry which the audience can truly believe in as the series progresses. And with their portrayals different enough from the game, it gives the series a unique identity, drawing in new viewers and people who have already played the game.

“The Last of Us” features great characters from great actors, an interesting story and is definitely worth watching. Available only on HBO Max, the full series is now out.

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