“Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land” Review


Marina Diamandis is a Welsh singer and songwriter who has written five albums and has claimed to be working on a sixth. She is a solo-artist who uses technology to create her background soundtracks, but she uses a variety of other tools and instruments as well; mainly guitar and piano. Her style of music is electric pop and there is a retro-vintage theme to her songs. Diamandis uses tons of synth and drums with bass which flow together well.

Diamandis has created a brand name made by a play-on-word with her name called Marina and the Diamonds which sounds misleading because she makes a majority of songs by herself rather than with a band.

Her most recent album is titled, “Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land”, which is centered around women’s rights and privacy, while also going against misogyny.

Diamandis’ music makes me feel powerful in a way that it becomes addictive: the lyrics, her voice – everything. The retro feeling is nostalgic in a way, bringing me back to when my dad would play some of his favorite old-time songs that sounded similar.

Something I adore that Diamandis includes in her album is the pace variation within her songs. Some have a quicker tempo while others are tender and slow. I enjoy the mix of speeds because depending on the kind of mood I’m in, I would listen to a corresponding song. For example, if I wanted to play a feel good song, I would choose her song, New America. It explains how America kind of needs a reset since the government is making some decisions that aren’t ideal. It makes me feel like I’m in a movie of some kind.

Around the idea of women’s rights, Man’s World has a strong message stating that many of today’s problems are ideologies created by men such as the patriarchy and how women belong to men and such. Diamandis doesn’t want to live in a man’s world anymore.