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“Stick Season” Review


Finding a feeling of place, whether in terms of identity, relationships, or home, is a major theme in Noah Kahan’s music. Kahan’s song “Stick Season” is a beautiful example of this. The reflective lyrics invite listeners to think about the complexities of life’s transitions and the emotions that come with them. This song beautifully captures the essence of change and self-discovery.
The song’s title, “Stick Season,” immediately invokes imagery of late autumn, a period when the vibrant colors of fall have faded, leaving behind bare trees and a sense of melancholy.

The lyrics are the heart and soul of “Stick Season,” and Kahan’s songwriting shines through as he reflects on his journey of growth and change. Lines like “I’ll dream each night of some version of you that I might not have, but I did not lose. Now you’re tire tracks and one pair of shoes, and I’m split in half, but that’ll have to do'” convey a sense of content with what’s left after a person leaves your life – a theme that many listeners can undoubtedly relate to.

Kahan delivers a beautiful, honest vocal performance that gives every word an authentic feeling. The acoustic guitar and subtle instrumentation add a good rhythm to the song without overpowering Kahan’s vocals.

The song’s melody is simple yet catchy, making it easy to get lost in the music while contemplating its deeper meaning. The chorus, in particular, is memorable and easily singable, ensuring that “Stick Season” leaves a lasting impression.

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Reagan Masek, Midnight Sun Editor-in-Chief
Reagan Masek is a senior entering her fourth year on The Communicator staff and her third year as an EIC of the Midnight Sun. Outside the walls of Community High, you can find her out with her camera or playing lacrosse. She loves to go on drives and walks and you can always find her listening to music. She loves writing, photography and In-Design. She is super excited for another semester on staff and can’t wait to see what her final year at Community High holds!

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