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Kate Groves

“I’m really passionate about women’s health topics including anatomy, reproductive rights and the way the female body works. I really first developed an interest [in womens health topics] with a class I started taking at the University of Michigan this year. I always had somewhat of an interest but a lack of knowledge to put to that interest. So, I took a class at the University [of Michigan] called Feminists Perspectives on Women’s Health with Joanne Bailey. I was able to actually put the interest with some knowledge, and my interest just grew from there. My favorite fact [about women’s health] is that someone with ovaries is born with all of their egg cells. So, that means that you were a part of your mother before she was even born. I wish people knew more about sexuality. There’s just overall more taboo and less knowledge. I certainly know that the lack of knowledge has affected me, and so I know that it’s affected lots and lots of people.”

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Kate Groves, Journalist
Kate is a Junior at CHS and is so excited to be joining the Communicator for her first semester on staff! In her free time, she loves playing soccer, participating in musical theater, reading, listening to music and being outdoors. She is an avid Taylor Swift fan and can be found re-creating her performances.

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