Connection in Fashion

Connection in Fashion

Sewn into our identity, fashion is more than just a form of self-expression. For some, it is what gives them a sense of connection to not only themselves but to the people around them.

Emily Yesowitz, a senior, discovered the way she dressed could help her feel more like herself, but before high school that wasn’t the case.

Addi Hinesman

Before entering high school, Yesowitz did not wear a lot of colors, sticking to a more neutral palette, contrasting with her style now — full of color, patterns and life.

Yesowitz describes her style as childish; she incorporates many different colors and patterns.

“I’ve really come up with the philosophy that I only wear things that I love — that make me happy,” Yesowitz said.

The most important thing in Yesowitz’s outfit is that it represents her uniquely as a person.

Even on Yesowitz’s worst days, the act of piecing together an outfit brightens her day, even in the slightest bit; her outfit is what carries her through the day.

“It’s kind of a pick me up, it makes me feel confident — you kind of just have to fake it till you make it,” Yesowitz said. “Looking powerful makes me feel powerful.”

Not only has fashion empowered Yesowitz to express herself, but she has also been able to connect with those around her, gravitating towards individuals who used their style to express themselves in similar, yet unique ways.

“We’re all so different, but also similar in so many ways,” Yesowitz said. “I think that having the similarity and also the difference in styles just creates a comfortable dissonance.”

Addi Hinesman

Anya Akhoury, senior, has found that fashion has allowed them to surround themselves with people they love, becoming something that connects them and allows them to celebrate their similarities and differences.

“Our styles are similar in some ways,” Akhoury said. “It’s kind of like a mix and match between a lot of my friends.”

High school has given Akhoury the opportunity to develop their style, unlocking a deeper connection to themself.

“In middle school, I didn’t know anything about fashion, but during high school, I’ve figured it out a little bit,” Akhoury said. “It’s a universal thing — there is so much to learn.”

Eva Beals, senior, has also felt more connected to the people she surrounds herself with through the clothes she chooses to wear, allowing her to develop close friendships with like-minded people.

“All my friends I feel have very distinct styles, that’s part of what I love about them so much, they’re all like so unapologetically themselves,” Beals said. “Fashion allows you to do that —you have to be yourself through fashion.”

Beals has always been more of a shy individual, allowing her to turn to fashion as a way to put herself out there in a way that makes her feel comfortable.

“Fashion allows me to show people a part of myself without having to actually go and tell them these things,” Beals said.

Beals began focusing more on what she wore when she began high school and since has been on a journey of developing her style.

“I felt like my clothes weren’t really speaking to who I was,” Beals said. “Now, I feel like I’m expressing myself in the way I want other people to see me.”

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