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Essentials: Jupiter Gergics

Mallory Towers
Jupiter Gergics shows off their essential item: a miniature sewing kit. The kit had been very useful for Gergics in the past, and became something they always kept with them. “I still have the sewing kit just in case,” Gergics said. “Whenever I pack a bag to go on a trip I always chuck it in there.”

Something as small as a sewing needle can save a person from utter humiliation. For Jupiter Gergics, it made the difference between a normal school day and a disastrous wardrobe malfunction.

In Gergics’ second week of junior year, they decided to wear pants they tailored themself. Their sewing machine needed oiling, so Gergics chose to hand-sew the seams of the pants.

As Gergics got on the city bus that morning, something felt off. They looked down to find the crotch of their pants was gone. In its place, a gaping hole. Fortunately for Gergics, they picked a seat in the back of the bus, so no one noticed them. Panic set in, and when all hope seemed lost, they had a revelation. A small sewing kit was lying somewhere in their backpack.

The sewing kit, only a few inches in size, was an impulsive buy at Target.

“I didn’t want to walk out without buying anything,” Gergics said. “I always feel like someone’s gonna think I’m stealing.”

It was by pure luck that the kit was in Gergics’ bag that day. The only reason it remained in their backpack was because they never got around to taking it out. If the sewing kit was not with Gergics on that bus, who knows how bad things could have been?

Gergics began to frantically sew up the hole. They pulled the needle through the fabric over and over again, hoping it could do something to fix their pants. The sewing job looked horrible, but they were at least covered up.

When they got to class, Gergics rushed over to their teacher Becky Brent, looking for a way out of the whole situation.

“I’m like: ‘Becky, I tore a hole in the crotch of my pants’,” Gergics said. “‘And I’m 90% sure that I sewed it to my underwear.’”

To Gergics’ delight, Brent excused them from class. They hurried down to the nurse and took off their disfigured attire. From there, they were able to fix the hole to the best of their ability.

Gergics went the rest of the day without any more problems. Though the struggle was over, they never forgot the huge impact of their tiny purchase.

The sewing kit remains by Gergics’ side to this day. No matter rain or shine, you can always find it tucked away in a pocket or stashed in a bag.

“You usually don’t need it,” Gergics said. “But when you need it, you need it.”

Who knew that such a small, silly item could rescue someone from absolute mortification.

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Mallory Towers
Mallory Towers, Journalist
Mallory Towers is a sophomore at Community High School. This is her first semester on staff. When she's not focusing on math homework, Mallory enjoys baking, painting, and playing the drums. After school, you can usually find her at a CET rehearsal. Mallory loves animals, especially dogs, and has a passion for music. She cannot wait to grow as a journalist over the next year!
Mia Rubenstein
Mia Rubenstein, Journalist
Mia Rubenstein is a sophomore at Community, and this is her first year on staff. When she is not at school, she can be seen begging her parents for a dog, baking banana bread, or eating ice cream. She enjoys spending time with friends and acting for her school theater program. She is looking forward to working on The Communicator this year and is excited to see where this experience will take her.

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