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“Ratatouille” Review

Dive into the unforgettable world of Ratatouille.
When Remy leaps into the air and onto a moving boat, Skinner follows. Keep in mind Remy is a rat and Skinner is human. So (although not from lack of effort) Skinner doesn’t make it on the boat and ends up pummeling straight into the Seine.

Disney’s “Ratatouille,” written and directed by Brad Bird, is vivacious, lighthearted and inspiring. The film focuses on the most romanticized version of Paris, showing the bright lights on the Eiffel tower, the view off of rooftops at night and the fast-paced life of the French. All while incorporating the art of French cuisine. This movie also features the kind of protagonist that some might describe as courageous: the rat whose father warns him to stay away from humans and goes to live with a human anyways, in spite of the possibility the human might betray him.

This movie is satisfying in so many ways. First of all, the food is all so gorgeous. One scene shows Colette teaching Linguini how to work in a kitchen: washing dishes, chopping vegetables and even more. She shows Linguini that the way to check if bread is good is by the sound of the crust, and the crunching sound of the baguette always makes me hungry. There are so many things to talk about when it comes to satisfying scenes and intriguing food in Ratatouille but I’ll leave it to you to watch and discover them yourself. The animation style this movie uses doesn’t just make the food look realistic, it makes it look absolutely fascinating and even more scrumptious and inviting than food in real life.

One of the biggest themes in this movie is perseverance. I think this is a great theme because a lot of people can relate to it; anyone who keeps going even when they might not want to is persevering. This theme is shown in “Ratatouille” through Remy. He’s a rat, so people often think of him as gross or dirty which makes it extremely hard for him to follow his dream of becoming a chef. But Remy has quite a gift when it comes to cooking and a strong passion to succeed in life.

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