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CHS Pets: Maura O’Connor

Photo courtesy of Maura O’Connor

Maura O’Connor – along with the rest of her family – is a self-proclaimed “huge” dog person. The O’Connor family has a five-year-old corgi, Hamilton, and a two-year-old corgi, George, both from the same breeder.

“We named Hamilton after Hamilton because we had just seen that show a couple of months before we got him,” O’Connor said. “And then we just had to keep going with the theme for the names, so that’s how we named George.”

According to O’Connor, the pair get along well and like to play fight as well as cuddle with each other. Her favorite thing to do with Hamilton and George is simply running around with them.

“They have short little legs and they look really funny while they run,” O’Connor said.

Before the two corgis, the O’Connor had a much more laid-back goldendoodle. Now, on any given night, Hamilton and George can be heard barking at nonexistent intruders, which can be both frightening and irritating for O’Connor.

Their superfluous vigilance is the only fault O’Connor can find in the pair, though; she cherishes Hamilton and George’s presence and would like to have dogs around for the entirety of her life.

“They’re like emotional support animals,” O’Connor said. “I love them so much.”

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