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Humans of Community: Milly Sandstrom


“I would say my love language is quality time and also words of affirmation. I think expressing love for the people I love is not always what I need, but what they need. By shifting your actions in order to benefit the person that you love versus yourself, you are benefiting yourself because you’re nurturing your relationship which is just going to make you a happier person. I say “I love you” in my family; I feel like a lot of people might not get that ‘I love you, Good night’ saying and then they take that into their relationships when they’re adult because then they’re afraid to say I love you, too. I think with a hug, or sometimes even just talking and being vulnerable, is a way of saying I love you.”

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Leila Durrie, Video Producer
Leila Durrie is a Junior and entering her second year in Journalism. When not focusing on school, Leila enjoys doing theatre, being outside in nature (preferably at the beach), thrifting for funky clothes, drinking iced matcha lattes, and spending time with her friends. Leila loves all things music, and can often be found making Spotify playlists with her airpods in. She is so excited about journalism this year and looking forward to focusing on multimedia!

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