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“Saltburn” Review

A healthy undertaking of never ending twists and turns.

If you want a dramatic, peculiar, psychological thriller, and a film to watch without your grandparents, “Saltburn” will do just that. The film tells the story of Oliver Quick and his journey at boarding school and meeting Felix Catton, a wealthy classmate. 

The first few scenes introduce the viewer to Quick’s life at school and how he interacts with his classmates, being seen as “the quiet” student. I was immediately pulled in, as we started to get to know Oliver and the relationship he begins to have with Felix.

After a semester on campus, Oliver and Felix become close and Felix invites Oliver to stay at his estate. When the two first arrived at the mansion, Oliver was greeted by an intense butler, setting the tone for the family that Oliver was yet to meet. The first few scenes at Felix’s house foreshadow the deranged plot and events that were on the horizon. 

As Oliver settles in, he begins to develop relationships with Felix’s family that lead the viewer to question Oliver’s every move. We are kept on the edge of our seats from start to finish.

I would recommend this movie to an older, more mature audience as some scenes aren’t meant for younger viewers. If you enjoy beautiful cinematography, amazing costumes and a well throughout set, “Saltburn” is a great late night choice. The acting complemented the actual story line very well. Although I wouldn’t watch the movie again, it is worth a watch if you are looking for some contentious conversation starters after the fact. 

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