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“The Guest List” Review

Kate Groves

“The Guest List” by Lucy Foley: a dark and suspenseful murder mystery novel full of surprising twists and turns. The novel takes place on a tiny island off the coast of Ireland. Littered with beautiful descriptions of the Irish scenery, vivid recall of the characters’ emotions, and plot twists which leave you guessing until the very end, “The Guest List” is a wonderful book that I thoroughly enjoyed.

The book is told through a dual timeline, passing between the events leading up to the defining moment in the novel, and the aftermath. This writing style truly hooks the reader and makes it impossible to put down.

Foley’s characters are what make this book unforgettable. Her ability to create deep and interesting characters is one of the reasons for the novel’s success. Foley introduces us to the main characters early on in the story. Each character has their own secrets and motives, and it’s left up to the reader to piece together information to determine who the killer is.

First up we have the bride, Jules, a perfectionist who’s planned her dream wedding and will stop at nothing to make her day a dream.

After that is the bridesmaid, Olivia, an enigmatic outcast with her own mysterious past.
Of course we have the groom, Will, a famous reality tv personality who not only captures cinematic attention on tv, but everyone’s hearts in real life.

The Best Man is Jonno, a social outcast who struggles to leave the past behind and is overcome by his internal demons.
In the groom’s party, we have many of Will’s friends from his elusive boarding school. The groomsmen never stopped their mischief from their school days which has left them reminiscing, and recreating, memories from their childhood, for better or worse.

Next, is the plus-one, Hannah, a housewife who’s unsatisfied with her marriage and secretly yearns for the thrill of a new adventure.

Finally, we have the wedding planner, Aoife, the one behind pulling off this massive feat of a wedding.

In many instances, we view life as very black and white, right and wrong. This isn’t always the case, and we oftentimes find ourselves stuck in the middle, in the shades of gray. Foley leaves us pondering if the good traits in these characters outweigh the bad, and if someone can redeem themselves. This polar dichotomy present in the novel is what makes “The Guest List” so captivating.

I highly recommend Lucy Foley’s “The Guest List” for anyone looking for a fast paced, suspenseful and entertaining read.

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Kate Groves, Journalist
Kate is a Junior at CHS and is so excited to be joining the Communicator for her first semester on staff! In her free time, she loves playing soccer, participating in musical theater, reading, listening to music and being outdoors. She is an avid Taylor Swift fan and can be found re-creating her performances.

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