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OutLoud: “MID AIR” by Paris Texas


Louie Pastel and Felix formed the LA based duo Paris Texas in 2018, and they’ve since released projects fusing elements of hip-hop, grunge and punk. With their debut studio album “MID AIR” continuing to make waves in rap and the music industry as a whole, Paris Texas is just one part of the history of artists blurring the line between rap and rock. From Kid Cudi’s grunge-inspired “Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven” to, more recently, Lil Yachty’s psych-rock epic “Let’s Start Here,” Paris Texas takes a different approach with distorted bass and frantic punk beats.

“MID AIR” has a consistent theme of being in flight or fight mode, with lyrics and production reflecting feelings of being on edge and overwhelming anxieties. Paris Texas is surrounded by the feeling of death and uncertainty on “Everybody’s Safe Until…,” with grimy, grunge guitar riffs fusing with dusty drum samples to create a sludgy sound. On the other side of the spectrum of intensity, “Sean-Jared” kicks off with frantic, rock drum samples under a whiny rap delivery. What’s even more jarring, however, is the midway beat switch into an 80s hip-hop instrumental akin to Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” — easily one of the most creative beat switches to come out this year.

The project is filled with highlights, such as the tightly delivered and produced “DnD,” featuring a reflective verse from collaborator Kenny Mason; the tongue-and-cheek titled “Lana Del Rey,” which builds up into a punk frenzy as a trap beat drops at the end of the track with a voice echoing “let it go”; the infectious “PAN-IC,” embodying a feeling of paranoia with its off-kilter synth-arps and drum rhythms. After seeing “MID AIR” perform daring stunt after stunt, it shows a chock-full of potential for duo Paris Texas.

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Evan "Gummy" Ochoa, Specialized Journalist
Evan "Gummy" Ochoa is a senior at CHS who's in their 5th semester of Journalism. Gummy finds passion in dissecting pieces of art, specifically music. In their spare time, Gummy is an artist themself, producing, writing, and composing their own music under the moniker GVMMY, as well as plays in a jazz band as a drummer. Other hobbies include being a camp counselor, doing DJ gigs at private events, and recording music with other local artists.

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