The Beginning of a CHS Tradition


Sports Day participants play a super round of Sumo.

Originally Published May 11, 2010:

On Monday, April 5th, 2010 over spring break, approximately 40 or so high school students gathered around noon for quite an event-filled day. This day was Sports Day.

“The idea was basically a day of ridiculosity and and learning sports,” said CHS junior Annie Flynn.

The hype about Sports Day had been escalating for two weeks prior to the actual event. The idea of Sports Day occurred when Flynn said that she wanted to learn how to play soccer. Shortly after, CHS sophomore Shadi Ahmadmehrabi announced that she wanted to learn how to play lacrosse. Leif Gearhart-Hall, a junior at CHS, offered to host the event at his house because his backyard is directly behind an open field and small neighborhood playground. Flynn proceeded to create a Facebook event, and news of Sports Day quickly spread. “Leif’s house has many things to do. Plus people want to play a lot.” said Flynn.

Along with playing sports all day, students expected to be fed. Once the confirmed guest list included nearly 50 people, Flynn knew that she and Leif would be unable to provide food for everyone: Sports Day became a potluck of sorts. When Sports Day finally happened, there was an abundance of food. People brought in a variety of food: from chips and ice cream to hummus and pop. Leif provided hamburgers. “The food was delicious; Leif grilled a mean hamburger and it felt great in my stomach.” said CHS junior Michael Savage.

Some of the the activities included in the Sports Day lineup were basketball, kickball, ultimate frisbee, soccer, sumo, and volleyball. People also brought in extra sports equipment so that there would be enough for everyone to participate, and when kids were resting they had the opportunity to draw on the driveway with chalk or simply lay around in one the many hammocks Gearhart-Hall has in his backyard.

Sports Day was a big success, and many students who stayed in Ann Arbor for break said that it was the highlight of their week. “Getting to see so many kids that I know from school in an environment I don’t normally see them in was great.” said CHS junior Garrett Wood.

Sports Day was affiliated with Community High School, but that didn’t stop students from Huron and Pioneer High School from joining in on the fun. “The turnout was ridiculous and exciting. At first I didn’t know if many people would come or think it was as fun as I thought it was,” said Flynn. “I met many new people. I’m excited that it grew past just Community kids.”