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CET Heads to Salvation Army in Search of Props and Costumes

Luca Hinesman

While CET’s cast is preparing to be on stage for “The Museum,” the crew is behind the curtain creating the show’s aesthetic. CET’s crews manage costumes, lights, sound, sets, props and makeup, among other things. “The Museum” debuts on Nov. 16 and takes place in the 70’s in – you guessed it – a museum.

In order to accurately portray the 70’s and the variety of characters’ personalities through fashion, the costume crew decided to do what they do best: thrift shopping. All members of the costume crew piled into two cars and sped off to the nearest Salvation Army.

“It’s really important to keep an open mind and to not just reject something outright because it doesn’t immediately make sense,” head of the costume crew, Robin Sickman-Garner said. “I also think it’s really important to look carefully through every single section, even ones you don’t think you’ll find anything in.”

The crew debated over many clothes, cut pieces that weren’t good enough, and collaborated as a whole to collect a great start to the cast’s wardrobe.

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Luca Hinesman, Journalist
Luca Hinesman is currently a Sophomore at Community High School and a believer in buying expensive coffees. When not in CET rehearsals or mock trial practices, you can find them reading books about revenge, catching up on homework, or hanging out with friends. Luca is currently in their first semester with The Communicator and is excited to contribute their ideas this year!

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