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Market Spotlight: Debbie Marx

Charlie Laman

Debbie Marx first fell in love with stones as a child skipping them down by the lake with her family.

Marx has been creating and selling her handmade jewelry for 32 years and describes herself as “semi-retired.” She sells her jewelry twice a week at the Ann Arbor Farmers Market, located in Kerrytown right across the street from CHS. Although Marx has sold at other markets in the past, she is now exclusive to the Ann Arbor Farmers Market and offers special deals to regulars and locals.

When a buyer appears interested in her jewelry Marx allows them to touch their desired product.

“Yeah, I always encourage touching. Because the stones are just so wonderful to touch,” Marx said.

Marx holds a deep appreciation for all of the rocks and stones she uses, but larimar, an aqua-blue stone native to the Dominican Republic that is said to enlighten and heal physical and emotional wounds is her favorite. Marx has seen other vendors that used to enhabit the stalls surrounding hers come and go

“There used to be a lot more people here that were retired and sold furniture or oil paintings.” Marx said. “They’re not with us anymore.”

On Wednesday Marx celebrated her 70th birthday by selling jewelry and playing scrabble with old friends, just as she does every week.

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