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Coffee of Ann Arbor


When considering Ann Arbor’s absurd amount of college students and high school students who maintain the constant cycle of craving and consuming caffeine, you might think there’s no such thing as having too much coffee – this may be true.

Ann Arbor knows its consumers, providing 12 shops downtown labeled specifically as ‘coffee shops.’ Not to mention the numerous restaurants that serve coffee not as their main attraction.

It’s easy to get coffee even disregarding the number of coffee shops. Ann Arbor’s public transportation system allows the many students who don’t yet have their driver’s license to take a bus downtown and have access to their favorite places whenever they want.

As a CHS student and a huge coffee drinker, I love being in Ann Arbor because it’s simply so easy to go into one of the many welcoming coffee shops downtown, get a coffee and study.

Many CHS students, including myself, frequent the Sweetwaters in Kerrytown because of its location across the street from the school. Like Sweetwaters, most of the coffee shops in town are situated close to where students will be, including two coffee shops on either end of the diag– the hub of U of M’s sprawling campus.

Not only are coffee shops easy to access, but once you’ve arrived at your destination, most often you’ll find a wide variety of drinks to choose from including milk and flavored syrups of all kinds and sometimes even several teas.

And what’s the last thing students need? Since most schoolwork given to high school and college students involves some sort of online platform these students need wifi, which a plethora of shops provide for free.

When it comes to catering to students, Ann Arbor does a stellar job of providing enough caffeine in numerous locations and variations so every student can easily satisfy their caffeine cravings.

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Mariah Zeigler, Journalist
Mariah is a sophomore at Community High School, and this is her first semester in journalism. When she's not at school, you can find her hanging out with her friends, thrifting, looking at Pinterest, or rewatching New Girl.

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